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This needs to be watched. It’s heartbreaking, and frightening to put it mildly.


While I strongly support promoting America’s interests, I cannot in good conscience do so when it comes to such a widespread cost to the lives of the innocent.

There is a better way.




#antifeminists have yet to give a coherent argument against feminism.

Okay, I’ll bite. 

There’s a lot of misinformation spread by feminism, such as why a wage gap exists, rape culture, and rape statistics.

The wage gap has been explained numerous times, and it’s not due to gender discrimination (x, x, x, x, x, x, x).

It boils down to a few reasons: men often take more demanding and hazardous jobs (e.g. construction) than women, women have maternity leave, often work less hours, leave the workforce earlier and are more likely to work part-time.

Rape culture doesn’t exist in the way we’ve been told it does. Society doesn’t condone rape; if it did rape prevention tools and posters and awareness campaigns solely aimed at women wouldn’t exist. Rape that happens to men is more likely to be excuse or sweeped under the rug though, and that’s something feminism isn’t helping with (x, x).

The “1 in 4/5 women will be raped” statistic is untrue, and shouldn’t be told to women to spread fear and paranoia (x, x, x). 

Any good movement should pride themselves on their honesty and factual accuracy. Clinging on to false information and spreading it around isn’t a good thing to do, especially if it tells women we’re disadvantaged in areas we really aren’t.

Other than the dishonesty, there’s a stunning lack of compassion and empathy shown to boys and men who suffer from discrimination. Feminist groups have shut down forums for battered husbands, protested at a meeting about male suicide, opposed joint custody, and fought against gender-neutral rape laws. The actions of the members of your movement clearly show feminism isn’t about equality. Not to mention the casual “male tears”, “kill all men”, “boys are disposable” downplaying and mocking of men that many feminists do. 

Speaking up for men’s rights doesn’t take any attention away from women’s rights. Circumcision, suicide rates, violence, rape, these are all issues faced by men that need serious addressing, yet many feminists are unwilling to. Either feminism is truly an equality movement for all, or it’s a movement for women, in which case it shouldn’t interrupt men’s rights movements. 

There are serious flaws in feminism that need to be addressed, because they’re affecting both men and women. Perpetuating victim complexes, fear and hate mongering, speaking over women, discriminating against men, encouraging censorship…it all kinda needs to stop.

It should also be said that people are allowed to have their own opinions, whether they align with yours or not. If women don’t want to be feminists, let them. Don’t silence or censor them, don’t tell them they don’t know any better or don’t know what feminism is. Most likely they’re seeing the side of it you don’t want to acknowledge.

A little disappointed that OP was deleted. But this is a good response.










Someone has never grown up as a boy

Oh look, someone who has never grown up as a male, assuming how males grow up. That we don’t get told the same thing. you’ll fit right into to tumblr.

"man up"

"men don’t cry"

"be a man"

"that’s not manly"

"get muscles"

"eat meat"

"play with action figures instead"

"be loud"

"No hitting girls "(but not boys)

"be tough"

"men protect girls even at the cost of their lives" (check like…any action children’s movie or…adult movie)

"It isn’t manly to do that."

"boys are dirty"

"snips, snails, and puppy dog tails"

"boys are stupid"

And it is even worse if you are gay growing up and your parents don’t approve (like most gay people growing up over the past 20 years in the US)

"no cooking, that isn’t manly"

"you need guy friends"

"go to the gym"

"be sure to work hard enough to support two people. you might get married someday"

"go hit on girls"

"pay for meals for girls"

"that’s what boys are supposed to do"

Maybe shut your biased one-sided mouth and stop spreading misinformation. This kind of thing is why the struggles of men are joked about and not taken seriously. Men must lead perfect lives and thus have nothing to worry about. We don’t worry about men who are overweight because they must not have any struggles from that. We don’t need to help the majority of depression victims because they’re men. We don’t need to help the majority of violence victims because they’re men. We can just laugh a man getting his penis cut off and put into a garbage disposal. It’s only a man.

I grew up being told what it is to be a man every step through my life. I was told that men have muscles, eat a lot, and get dirty. In most of the books I read and kids movies I watched, I was told that I need to risk my life for women. “women and children first”, “never hit a woman” (even if she was the one attacking), “protect women” (instead of protect people). I was told that their lives are held more value than mine.

I was told to grow up and find a good job, not for me, but so that I would be found attractive by a girl and so that I could spend money on her to make her happy, but not expecting the same treatment. I was told to date women by picking them up, driving them to a restaurant, paying tons of money on them, buy them a gift, and drop them off. Of course none of the girls that I went to school with were told to do the same thing.  ”Because that’s what being a man is.”

I was told that I wasn’t aloud to cook because “it wasn’t manly enough”, even though it’s what I liked to do. Even though I didn’t have any friends and didn’t like going outside, I was forced out because “boys like to run around and get dirty”. I was told that women don’t like flabby men and that I should get thinner (more manly) to attract a woman.

How dare you assume that I as a boy was not constantly told what it is to be a man. How dare you spread that only women get told that.

It’s a horrible thing when influential people spread misinformation like this because more often than not, people will believe you, whether you know what you’re talking about or not.


Still Saying Male Survivors Don’t Get Victim-Blamed? (or Time to Grow Up)


I’m furious right now.  I’m a bit too angry to write as coherently as I’d prefer.  You know I’ve been through hell since publicly disclosing my rape.  You know I have little tolerance for “advocates” who tell us that male survivors don’t matter, trivialize our struggles and mock us for speaking out.  Everytime some conservative asshat says something idiotic or hateful about female survivors, “advocates” try to play the “men don’t get victim-blamed” trump card.

Now, another man who went public is being treated like garbage while “allies” are still saying we don’t get victim-blamed.

I was written about at PajamasMedia and then subjected to HUNDREDS of hateful, mocking comments by knuckle-draggers assholes and women who think they are qualifed to say erections = consent.  Then several bloggers joined in.  I was able to elict a few apologies, but most laughed it off as no big deal. 


Then I went on the HuffPostLive.  The hosts treated me with dignity and respect.  The viewers were fucking savages.


Then, an advice blogger told me I was a liar, mocked me and laughed openly about my rape.  She’s a real specimen of humanity.  I don’t care how many times she apologizes.  It will never be enough.  What she said was inexcusable. 


Then, the fucking demons at The Lesbian Mafia mocked me, lied about my experience, promoted a ton of rape myths and overall left me triggered and in panic attacks for over a month.  They still have a gigantic following and I’ve yet to see the “men don’t get victim-blamed” advocates take them to task. 


Now, a young man (about my age when I was raped) reported his rape to the police.  Twitter, Reddit and Facebook users responded with mockery, disbelief and outright jokes.  People are still saying male rape survivors don’t get victim-blamed. 


This is how Rosie DiManno decided to respond - with mockery, jokes and outright humiliation of the male rape survivor.

"They could be sex molls or sex maulers."

Or Rosie could have called them rapists instead of trying to be cutesy.

"Of course, one man’s sexual assault is another man’s sexual fantasy come true."

Yeah, cuz appealing to the knuckle-draggers sells papers, right Rosie?

"Sexual assault, you say? Lucky guy others say, nudge-nudge, a fivesome and didn’t even have to pay for it."

Yeah, I’m sure this man feels “lucky”.  I ‘m so happy you are around to put it all into perspective for male rape survivors.  The Star should be very proud.  Pardon me while I vomit yesterday’s, tomorrow’s and next week’s lunches.


The next time you screw up your mouth to arrogantly proclaim that male survivors don’t get victim-blamed, just think for a second.  It isn’t true.  It doesn’t look identical and it isn’t about clothing (as if that was the full sphere of victim-blaming for ANY survivor), but it exists just the same.  If you are promoting this myth, you are 100% part of the problem.

It is time for a lot of people to look in the mirror.


So far, since Emma’s speech broke out: 

  • Feminists made a hoax about her to silence 4chan
  • Feminists bash her for mentioning men in her speech. 
  • Feminists disapprove that a “boring cis white woman” is speaking about their movement.

The people she’s trying to fight for are fighting against her. I hope she sees this and learn the real reason why some people don’t want to be associated with feminists. 


So there was actually a really good SVU episode about the stigma surrounding male victims of female rapists



Here’s the link if you want to watch it:

I was just remembering when I first watched it, and thought I’d share. What I liked about it was that despite how painful it was, it was also painfully realistic, and covered what I always talk about on here—the feminists silencing the victim, the idea that ‘he was aroused so it was consent’ and the rampant and just absurd victim blaming, as well as the lack of justice for that victim.

Thought it’d be an early one, they went veryfeminist later on, quoting that bloody Mary Koss “study”.


When does social justice turn against black people?

When black people don’t espouse the political that all black people are supposed to have.

Everyone knows all black people have to think the same on anything, and if they don’t then they are internalized misogynists I mean racists.

That’s what social justice is.

Yes, all of social justice.



when rape is the girls fault 

  • when she is the rapist 

when rape is the guys fault 

  • when he is the rapist 

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proper good MRAs and feminists should be glad about the other ones existing, so we can promote equality faster and better
and good proper feminists (very much a minority, sadly) should be grateful to anti-feminists who do a good job fighting the bad things in the feminist movement and being critical of their theories, so the movement might still some day in the future have a chance to improve and be actually about helping women instead of this bullshittery it is right now
good critisism should be appreciated, specially when the movement is in such bad shape, so i dont get the whole “lets all be assholes to each others” thing


"why be straight and cis when u can be queer and tr-"

hi lets not treat lgbtq+ identities like fashion trends